Land Development

Schlagel & Associates, P.A., founded in 1983, is a partnership that has established a tradition of blending the engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and surveying professional disciplines to provide quality work and client service for a variety of projects. Combining all of these services in house allows for an integrated design process from the concept to the construction of the project. Our commitment to developing project designs that fit the clients requirements has resulted in developing long term relationships with many of our clients. Schlagel & Associates, P.A. has completed projects that are less than one acre to over thousands of acres. Our civil engineers, landscape architects, and surveyors are licensed in multiple states.

Schlagel & Associates, P.A., has an extensive record of providing comprehensive civil engineering, planning, landscape architectural, surveying, and construction management services for a broad range of land development projects. Our clients include local, regional, and national developers, corporations and other private sector entities. We have assisted our clients in successfully planning and implementing several premier projects ranging in size from small single lot tracts to large master planned communities. We focus on creating designs that address the unique challenges of the site and project, meet development regulations, provide the best use within the current market, and are consistent with the client’s vision, goals, needs, and budget. Our comprehensive services cover due diligence and site feasibility analysis through the design, permit, and construction phases.

Civil Engineering

Schlagel & Associates, P.A., approach to design for land development projects starts with an understanding that proper site evaluation, planning and design are essential for the development of a successful project. Our civil engineers are committed to creating functional, cost-effective designs that compliment the natural site features, appeal to buyers and tenants, meet codes and regulations, and provide value to the client and community. We have completed practical and cost effective site development and transportation and utility infrastructure designs for well over 6,000 projects within the Midwest region. Our professional staff has worked closely with numerous developers, land owners, business owners, and consultants to guide them through the design, approval, permit, and construction process to complete successful projects.

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Planning & Landscape Architecture

The designers at Schlagel & Associates, P.A. believe that the arrangement of structures, streets, parking, pedestrian circulation areas, service areas, and open space, coupled with careful consideration of the relationship of these entities to each other and the surrounding environment is key to the success of any project. Throughout the design process they continually focus on the site plan’s internal organization, appearance, market potential, and relationship to the site’s natural features, adjacent properties, streets and client’s budget and needs. Our highly experienced designers develop designs that create or maintain the brand identity, character, and style of a business or residential community project. Their knowledge and experience of codes,ordinances, and regulations of reviewing agencies at the federal, state, and local levelsenables our designers to efficiently guide projects through the approval process.

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Our in-house surveyors' experience includes survey documents for land acquisition, refinancing, easements, planning, design, and construction for a variety of small and large-scale projects in urban, suburban, and rural areas. We provide surveying services during all stages of the project, from boundary surveying and existing conditions data collection to project layout and as-built verification. Utilizing our in-house survey crews enables us to efficiently coordinate between the design professional and surveyor during data collection, design, and construction phases of a project.

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Project and Construction Management

Our staff utilizes a strong construction background, including firsthand experience in site and building construction, to help ensure that constructability and economic feasibility are incorporated through all phases of the design and construction process. The knowledge and attention to detail of our staff affords us the ability to assist clients with many phases of construction management including bidding, permitting, contractor selection and project review for quality of workmanship and compliance with drawings and specifications.

Quality Control

Throughout the course of the project our design professionals utilize their experience and expertise to review the quality of the design and drawings. Reviews are completed at each design milestone and include examination of design elements, design computations, plans, exhibits, reports, specifications and legal descriptions. We are proud of the effort we put into the quality review process at Schlagel & Associates, and find many of our repeat clients see the value our efforts bring to their projects.

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