Falcon Lakes Storm Drainage Design

Complete design of a new subdivision located in Basehor, Kansas. The Falcon Lakes development is situated on 553 acres of land. The development includes an 18-hole golf course. The project is bounded by Hollingsworth Road, U.S. 73/K-7 Highway, Donohoo Road, and 147th Street. We have been involved with this project since its inception. First laying out conceptual drawings for the entire development and then preparing final construction plans for the first phases of the project. To date 5,650 feet of collector street has been designed and built for this development. We designed two lakes for this project with the intent of designing one more in a future phase of the development. Lake Hope is the largest lake in the development with a surface area of 39 acres at normal pool elevation and a drainage area of 1855 acres. The lake is designed to handle runoff from a 0.4 P.M.P. storm (40% of the probable maximum precipitation possible). It has a drawdown system which enables the water level in the lake to be lowered if necessary and a primary spillway pipe for normal discharges. There is also an emergency spillway made of grouted riprap which routes high flows around the dam to a concrete plunge pool to dissipate energy before releasing water to the natural stream. The lake provides a key aesthetic feature for the development, as well as storm water detention, water quality, and a water source for the adjacent golf course. The second lake in the development has a surface area of 4.4 acres and a drainage area of 125 acres. It also has a drawdown system which enables the water level in the lake to be lowered if necessary. The principal spillway pipe for this lake is cable of carrying the runoff from a 0.4 P.M.P. storm. The dam of this lake provides the base for a public roadway. Both lakes required dam permits from the Kansas Division of Water Resources and Army Corps of Engineers.

Project Data:
  • Basehor, Kansas